Opening a Trading Account

To open a trading account with Mofid Securities, both Individual and Institutional investors have to present valid ID along with completed and executed application forms, which should be submitted with documents evidencing the position and scope of powers of the persons listed as authorized signatories.
Accounts can be opened at any branch of Mofid Securities, as well as at any Iranian Embassy/Consulate in your country of residence.


For more information on opening a trading account please contact us at:


To download the Trading License Application Forms for both natural and legal persons, please check the below:

Trading License Application (Natural Persons)

Trading License Application (Legal Persons)


Premium services offered by Mofid Securities to the new account holders 

  • Account opening at zero-cost with no initial deposit requirements
  • Foreign trading license and trading code for both individual and institutional clients
  • Providing foreign investors with corporate access
  • Assistance in opening an Iranian Rial Bank Account
  • Assistance for foreign investors with exchanging and transferring money
  • Assistance for foreign investors in acquiring a FIPPA license


There is, generally speaking, no difference between online and normal trades in terms of commission fee.



Foreign investor:

A foreigner who is granted an SEO transaction licence.

Strategic foreign investor

A strategic foreign investor is a foreigner who intends to possess more than 10 percent of shares in a company listed in either stock exchange or other bourses. A strategic foreign investor may be also a foreign investor who holds a seat in the board of directors of a listed company.


strategic foreign investor is not allowed to sell acquired shares designated as ‘strategic’ within two years of purchase without SEO approval.


Selling strategic shares is also subject to the rules and regulations governing block trades


 Non-strategic foreign investment

Share possession boundary:

Share possession boundaries by non-strategic foreign investors investing in listed companies are defined as

1. Collective investments by foreign investors shall not exceed 20 percent of total issued shares of any listed company; and foreign investors shall not, collectively, hold more than 20 percent of total shares of the aggregate total issued share capital of any bourse or exchange.

2. Shares held by a single foreign investor shall not exceed 10 percent of total issued shares of any listed company.



As one of the founding members of Iran Energy Exchange and Iran Mercantile Exchange Mofid the market leader in both markets. The majority of participants in these markets trust our expertise to meet their requirements.

Mofid is able to:

  • Provide guidance to companies on the acceptance/listing process in the market
  • Provide assistance and guidance on trading
  • Obtain trading codes for clients
  • Provide brokerage services
  • Provide advice and consultancy on commodities and commodity trading


By combining the latest technology with a staff of skilled professionals, we have made Mofid Securities the number one Iranian brokerage firm – according to numerous rating agencies

To find out more about our services please send us an email: CONTACT@EMOFID.COM