undefinedThe Petrochemical Industry of today is an indispensable part of the manufacturing and consuming sectors, churning out products which include paint, plastic, rubber, detergents, dyes, fertilizers, textiles, and even solvents. The 21st century is seeing a paradigm shift from West to east in the Petrochemicals business, with the Middle East emerging as global production hub with natural advantages of low cost feedstock.

Petrochemical is a major industry in Iran. As an important source of non-oil revenues, it plays a significant role in the expansion of local industries, the development and localization of technologies and the growth of its downstream industries. Diversity of feedstocks, access to international waters and highly-qualified workforce are among the major advantages of the industry.

The “Iran Petrochemical Industry" is an overall review of the petrochemical industry in Iran along with the latest information planned and ongoing projects.

The report includes:

  • Current macro-economic situation in Iran
  • Status of Petrochemical Projects & Plans
  • Olefins Sector
  • Urea Sector
  • And many more...



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