Mofid Securities can provide you with high quality trading and asset management services in the Iranian capital market. At the same time, we know how important it is for investors to have a good understanding of the market, especially when it is related to a new and untapped opportunity. With this in mind, our top priority is to play an active and positive role in your research and decision making process.

We can provide you with basic financial and economic data in English, including, but not limited to:

  • Historical economic data (GDP, inflation, interest rates, exchange rates, home building and home prices, etc.)
  • Financial statements and ratios of listed companies
  • Historical and live market data, such as price and volume of all traded securities including stocks, rights, bonds, etc.
  • Aggregate data for industries


We can also help you in your research about:

  • Companies’ history and management
  • Companies’ business models and strategies
  • Competitive position and sector ranking of companies within their industries and the wider local economy
  • Economic and political trends and developments, and likely scenarios and consequences

In addition, we are able to conduct specific, bespoke research or connect you with a reliable, local, informed source of information, including financial and economic experts, from whom you can get answers to key questions.